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I just saw a commercial on ABC Family advertising their 25 Days of Christmas specials.  Seriously?  Already?  Do they not realize that there IS another holiday BEFORE Christmas?  Have they never heard of Thanksgiving?  This is exactly why I get tired of the holiday season.  Anymore, it is shoved at me everywhere I look.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the holidays.  I just wish it wasn’t pushed on me right after Halloween.


Here is my favorite superbowl commercial this year…….

C’mon! Who wouldn’t like to bonk Justin in the head with a tv?:)

Oh yeah, and the Giants won.

Last night was the debut of Rock of Love 2 with Bret Michaels. I hope this season he actually finds someone to spend his life with, but realize that if he would that would be the end of the show. I don’t really have a favorite contestant yet. It’ll take a few shows for me to form any opinions. So far, all the women seem pretty much the same as on last seasons show….some looking for real love, others looking for exposure and fame. Did anybody else catch this first show? If so, who’s your favorite contestant and why?

I just realized that the new season of Nip/Tuck starts tomorrow night on FX! I’m so ready for it! I’ve waited patiently all summer to see how McNamara-Troy does business in Beverly Hills compared to Miami. I’m sure they’ll have just as many adventures and I’m sure there will be several stars making appearances on the show.

If you watch the show, Rock of Love, then you already know that Jes won on last night’s finale. She won the heart of Poison front man, Bret Michaels.

I must admit that I’m happy she won. I liked Heather, but just didn’t like the way she was acting there towards the end. Was Jes the one you hoped to win or did you have another favorite who left the show earlier then you’d hoped? Let me know by leaving a comment.