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After what seemed like endless bad news about my uncle I am so happy to report that he went through his surgery yesterday with flying colors. The doctors removed a little over half of his lung, but they are almost 100% certain that they got all of the cancer out. They also checked his lymph nodes and none showed signs of cancer so thankfully it has not spread. This means he will not have to have chemo, just radiation. Whew! He will be in the hospital for the rest of this week to recuperate, but then will be able to go home and finish healing. No idea when he’ll start his radiation, but he isn’t too worried about that right now. Just knowing that things are looking good is a big relief for everybody at the moment.

Besides worrying about my uncle these past few weeks, I’ve also been busy with my son’s track season and getting things ready for my daughter’s prom and graduation.

Track has been pretimag0016ty much hit and miss on their meets, so far. My son has had four meets, three of which were called due to rain/storms. He was able to finally get in a full meet last Thursday and also has another this evening, although it is rainy this morning so I don’t guarantee he’ll get to go. Doesn’t he look cute in his little track outfit? His events are shot put and discus although the coach put him into the 4×100 relay for today’s meet.

My daughter’s prom is Saturday. She’s getting really excited about that. She has her dress and all this past week and weekend she has been trying out endless hairstyles and different jewelry to see what looks the best. Last night she repainted her fingernails at least a dozen times to see how she wanted to do them. This is the only picture I have of her in the dress right now. She wouldn’t let me take a full length one yet because she doesn’t want people to actually see the dress until prom night.

And then we’ve also been getting graduation stuff ready. Wow, just one more month and my baby girl will be a high school graduate. Ouch, my stomach is starting to hurt just thinking about it 😦 Anyway, she got her invitations, thank you cards, etc. last week and she also got her cap and gown. I, of course, had to torture myself and have her try the cap and gown on and then I had to go and take pictures of her in it to torture the rest of my family. I’m really proud of my daughter, but man, where did the time go? Seems like just yesterday I was bring her home from the hospital. Anyway, this is the cap and gown pic. It’s not the best quality since it was taken with my cell phone.cap-and-gown


Why is it that as soon as the kids start school, we all end up sick? It started about two weeks after school started. My daughter woke up one morning with a sore throat. She was sick for a few days then my son caught it. Next in line was my hubby and over the weekend the illness finally chose to hit me. I woke up Friday morning with a super sore throat. It felt like I was swallowing glass. Ouch. Saturday I woke up with chest congestion and Sunday I woke up with stuffy ears. Thought I was going to die by the time I went to bed last night so took some Nyquil and went to sleep. Woke up at midnight with a fever, but thankfully when the alarm went off this morning I was feeling halfway human.

Today I’m just stuffy and have a little bit of a cough. Nothing that is going to keep me from working, although I would love to milk it out for all its worth and just spend the day on the couch, watching soap operas and eating chocolate 🙂

Just a few snippets of different conversations heard in my car tonight when our family went out for the evening.

Setting: My car….hubby and I in front seats, kids in the back seats.

Son to Daughter: They added a no smoking clause to our handbook at school today.
Hubby to me: Did he just say he has smoking balls?

Son to Daughter: I’ve got reflexes like a cat.
Daughter to Son: Yeah, a dead one.

Daughter to Son: (talking about curse words you can say at school) You can say ass when you’re talking about a donkey, but if you call someone a female dog you’ll still get in trouble.
Son to Daughter: You mean, dawg is a bad word? I call my friends that all the time.

and finally, my little gem…..
setting: everyone is laughing hysterically over one of the above quotes and I sneeze only to ask a few minutes later…..

Me: Did I sneeze? Because I feel like I sneezed. I have that feeling in my nose, but I can’t remember if I actually sneezed or not.

Yeah, I know. We’re ALL just a little bit odd 🙂

Wow, tomorrow is the beginning of August already. Where in the world did this summer go? I have a feeling what remains is really going to fly by. I checked my calendar yesterday and there is one week of August already that is completely filled in. It’s not even fun stuff that it is full of, darn it. It’s doctor’s appointments, school registration, work stuff, etc.

I think I will take a week that has nothing scheduled and make a fun one out of it. How does “Mon-meet girls for margaritas, Tues-spa for massage, Wed-lunch with best friend, Thurs-coffee with mom and Fri-date night with hubby” sound? Yeah. I thought so. Sounds good to me too.

I noticed that I hadn’t written for almost a week and figured I’d better post to let everybody know what’s going on here.

Thankfully, things have calmed down some. My son is doing much better. No more neck pain and his knee is pretty well healed too. My back is still giving me problems, but I think it will until I get in to see the doctor in June. At least I can function. There for awhile I couldn’t do much of anything because it hurt to sit, stand, lay down and everything else. I wasn’t sleeping at night and was totally exhausted which really didn’t help the pain either. So, although I’m still hurting, it isn’t as bad. The part that scares me the most is that my leg is constantly numb on the outside now. It just makes me wonder how much damage I have already done to the nerve and how much more will there be by the time I get in to see the doctor. Will it even be fixable by that time? Scary thought. My daughter had to have another appointment with the doctor for her knee. She wanted to send her to an orthopedist, but after finding out that our insurance wouldn’t cover it (benefits of being self-employed strike again!) she said that physical therapy would probably help just as well and we should go that route first. My daughter is now doing knee strengthening exercises twice a day (here at home) to see how that works. If it doesn’t then obviously the orthopedist will be called, but if it does work then that’s great too.

Hubby is going to a biodiesel seminar this weekend in Nebraska. With the price of diesel going through the roof, he’s decided that we have to do something to cut costs or we’re going to go out of business. Already, he’s paying almost $4.15 a gallon for diesel. Our big trucks (all three of them) easily take $300 each time we fuel them up and that is usually once each day. Plus we also have two smaller ones that top out over $150 each fuel up. We don’t run those every day, but still it adds up when we do. He’ll be gone all weekend for the seminar so no relaxation for him:(

My daughter has her junior prom this weekend. She’s been busy all week, helping to decorate for it. She’s getting excited. She is going with a bunch of her friends so it should be really fun. I’ll post pictures when we get them back afterwards. I just hope the weather holds out and it is a nice day/evening for the activities. Pictures always look so much prettier when they are taken outdoors. Right now they are saying there might be rain this weekend so we are all keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t.

Guess that’s it. I’m so happy to finally not have a major catastrophe or illness to write about.

A sore back and sciatic nerve problems I can handle. Falling on my knee and banging it up also I can handle too. My kids both having knee problems, again, doable. But yesterday, when my son said his neck popped and he couldn’t move, that wasn’t so manageable.

Actually, it scared the shit out of me! Waking up to the words, “Mom, Matt is crying. He said his neck popped and he can’t move” isn’t the most enjoyable way to start out a Monday morning. We are still befuddled as to how he did it because all he said he did was reach out to turn off his alarm clock. He said he felt something tear in his neck then it popped and he couldn’t move from the pain. His first thought was that he’d broken his neck. Thank God that didn’t happen! We called the ambulance though for fear of taking him in my car that it might do more harm then good. He was in the ER from 7:30am until almost 1:30pm and was diagnosed with a cervical strain, similar to whiplash. Again, no idea how he did it, but we’re all relieved that it wasn’t worse.

However, how much more can my poor family take? What’s next? Every single person in this house has something physically wrong with them. It’s getting to be just a tad bit ridiculous. I just hope this is it. Let us all heal and get back to normal around here.

Children Medical Update: Took both kid’s to the doctor today for their knees. After x-rays, the conclusions are as follows:

Daughter…nothing showed up as being broken or torn on xray, must wear knee brace for stability, rest and keep her leg elevated as much as possible, no gym for two weeks. At the end of two weeks, if knee is still not feeling better, an MRI will be required. She does have some fluid on her knee, but not a lot so no need to drain at the moment.

Son…bruised bone right below his knee. Must wear splint for 7-10 days to keep imobile, rest and keep leg elevated as much as possible, no gym for one week. At the end of the 10 days, if leg is not feeling better, must return for another x-ray to see if bruise is concealing a stress fracture.

Ugh, Ugh, Ugh on both. I really hope that in two weeks time, all is healed and no more doctors visits are needed for either child. Joys of being a parent, I know, but the trips to the doctors office are becoming too close for me. When I walk in and the office staff has me signed in before I even make it to the desk, well, that just screams that I’ve been in there too darn much!