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Just a few snippets of different conversations heard in my car tonight when our family went out for the evening.

Setting: My car….hubby and I in front seats, kids in the back seats.

Son to Daughter: They added a no smoking clause to our handbook at school today.
Hubby to me: Did he just say he has smoking balls?

Son to Daughter: I’ve got reflexes like a cat.
Daughter to Son: Yeah, a dead one.

Daughter to Son: (talking about curse words you can say at school) You can say ass when you’re talking about a donkey, but if you call someone a female dog you’ll still get in trouble.
Son to Daughter: You mean, dawg is a bad word? I call my friends that all the time.

and finally, my little gem…..
setting: everyone is laughing hysterically over one of the above quotes and I sneeze only to ask a few minutes later…..

Me: Did I sneeze? Because I feel like I sneezed. I have that feeling in my nose, but I can’t remember if I actually sneezed or not.

Yeah, I know. We’re ALL just a little bit odd 🙂


Today I’m getting all my hair chopped off. I have been kicking the idea around for some time now. My hair is of the type that once it gets to a certain length, it starts to look really stringy and scraggly. It takes awhile to get there, but it has hit that point. I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks ago that I had stopped wearing my hair down. In the summer months, you will usually find me sporting a ponytail especially if it is hot and humid. But I would still wear my hair down on certain occasions, like a nice family dinner or a movie, usually it had to be somewhere with really good air conditioning. Anyway, back to my point. My daughter was watching me get ready one night to go out for dinner and she commented that I needed to wear my hair down because she was tired of seeing me in a ponytail. That’s when it hit me that I’d been donning said pony everywhere for the past month, at least. Good eye, daughter. Good eye.

So, the search for a new style began that evening. I searched all over the internet for styles that I thought would work well with my hair type (fine) and face shape (fat…I mean, oval or so I’ve been told 🙂 ) I had it narrowed down to two different styles so sent both pictures via email to 3 of my most trusted girl friends. They all picked the shorter, more chic version. And so, today I will be heading to the salon and getting my now “past my shoulder” length hair chopped off and will come home sporting a new, above shoulder length style. I’m also getting it colored, hopefully the same as the picture I found. I LOVE the color!!! I will post before and after pictures later (as long as it turns out). Wish me luck.

Okie Doke! I’m back. And as promised here are my before and after pictures. The longer version is obviously my before picture and the shorter, sassy version is my after. What do you think?

I’m going to try something new here. Mondays are very hard for me. It’s the first day back to work, it’s usually pretty busy and hectic and my brain just can’t be creative. So, I thought that a Monday MeMe might work. I will try it this week and see how it goes over. Let me know what you think.

This is a meme that I found on Tense Teacher’s blog. Thought it was very interesting. Here goes:

How many people live in your house? 4

Do you like your siblings? Most of the time

What color are your nails? natural. I don’t paint my nails.

Where is your favorite place on Earth? Probably anywhere that my friends and loved ones are.

Ever punch someone in the face? Punch someone, no. I have slapped a face or two though.

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I am so looking forward to this evening. I get to spend it all. by. myself. Yep, alone, single, no kids, no hubby, nobody. Just me. I get to do what I want to do, go where I want to go. Why? Because my hubby is taking my daughter and a friend of hers to a concert in Chicago and my son is going along for the ride and to keep his dad company while the girls are at the concert.

Anywho, that means I get some peace and quiet. I am so ready for it. That is common this time of year. I’ve had the kids all summer and I’m ready for a break. Granted, the kids are older now and not as time consuming as when they were younger, but still. It will be nice to watch what I want on tv tonight and eat what I want for dinner. Who knows, I might just have to give some of my girlie friends a holler and have them come over and keep me company. There won’t be any peace and quiet, but I think I can handle that 🙂 Ooh, actually that sounds like a wonderful plan. I’m grabbing the phone right now! Later!

Wow, tomorrow is the beginning of August already. Where in the world did this summer go? I have a feeling what remains is really going to fly by. I checked my calendar yesterday and there is one week of August already that is completely filled in. It’s not even fun stuff that it is full of, darn it. It’s doctor’s appointments, school registration, work stuff, etc.

I think I will take a week that has nothing scheduled and make a fun one out of it. How does “Mon-meet girls for margaritas, Tues-spa for massage, Wed-lunch with best friend, Thurs-coffee with mom and Fri-date night with hubby” sound? Yeah. I thought so. Sounds good to me too.

Ok, after much time spent on the computer, I think I’ve finally gotten the majority of our Chicago pictures downloaded, edited and ready to see. It took forever to do because I had three different cameras to get them from. I had pictures that I took with my digital camera, which isn’t the best and has no zoom capabilities, my daughter’s digital camera, which is awesome and does have zoom, and my cell phone, which has zoom, but very poor picture quality. So, some of these pictures are awesome and others are pretty poor. Forgive me for the bad ones. I wasn’t going to download them, but it was actually easier to just select all my photos then it would have been to go in and pick and choose. Anyway, to see my pics just click on my Flickr badge in the side bar. Enjoy!

Our Chicago weekend is over and, truthfully, I’m glad. It was nice to get away from home/work, but it was also very nice to return to our normal routine. Vacations, to me, are supposed to be relaxing, but this one was anything but. We were on the go the entire time. Hubby woke up early Sat. and Sun., woke me up, woke the kids up and then we were off. The only time I got to actually relax was on Friday evening when we first got there. My back was bugging me so he took the kids out while I stayed in the hotel by myself for a whole hour. Woo Hoo.

We did see a lot of stuff, but hubby was in such a big hurry to see EVERYTHING that we didn’t actually look at anything for very long. Like I said, Friday evening he took the kids out to Navy Pier. They stayed one hour. Not nearly long enough to enjoy themselves or see everything they wanted to see. Saturday morning we went to Shedd’s Aquarium, again stayed for about an hour and a half, only making it about a quarter of the way through the entire building. It was easily something that if we’d wanted to do so, we could have made an entire day out of it, but hubby got tired of looking at “fish tanks” and wanted to leave. After there, we went to Sears Tower, went up to the observation deck and looked around. Didn’t stay there long either. Stopped to eat lunch at Giordano’s Pizza. Let me just say YUM! It was the most delicious pizza I’ve had in ages. After eating, all I really wanted to do was go back to the hotel, but we’d told the kids that we’d take them to the beach so off we went. We got there and the kids took off, hubby and I spread out our towels on the sand and sat down. I could have easily spent the remainder of the afternoon there, but after a couple of hours hubs was all set to go again. Back to the hotel, cleaned up and went back to Navy Pier to take one of the boat tours they offer. We hopped onto the Seadog, which was a speedboat tour. Fun stuff, but not nearly long enough. I thought that might have been something that would kill the rest of the day, but nope, half an hour and it was over. Back to the hotel and I was finally able to sit down and relax. My back and legs told me about all the running we did too. All night long, I had leg cramps and a throbbing back. Not fun.

We got up about 9:00, Sunday morning and got ready to go. Hubby was just itching to get back home. I guess I was ready too. At least I knew once we got here, he could go about doing his own thing and I could actually relax in the pool.

Well, the pool idea didn’t come to pass. When we got home, we unpacked and then I went to check the pool to see what temperature it was. Walked out and the pool was filthy. From all the rain we got Thursday and Friday mroning, the bottom was just covered with dirt. The water was clear though so I guess that was good. I swept it out, but after doing so and checking the chlorine levels found out it was reading zero on chlorine. I added all the chemicals needed and came in, figuring it would be good to go swimming today. No such luck. It is raining this morning and the pool is now green, a sign of not enough chlorine still, so putting more in and will maybe get in later if the rain stops and the chemical levels are ok.

I feel like I need a vacation now to recuperate from our weekend vacation!