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Mr Fix It He Is Not

Posted on: November 8, 2011

Growing up, my father was a Mr. Fix-It. Give him anything that was broken and he could put it back together. He was able to fix toilets, leaky faucets, etc. around the house with no problem. Heck, he actually built the house that him and my mom live in by himself! Now that’s Handy!!! Growing up with a dad like that, I came to expect a man/husband/father to be able to fix things around the house when they broke.

So, it’s so frustrating to me now to have a husband who is lucky to change a light bulb without instructions. It bugs me to no end that this man can’t fix the small things that are breaking around the house. Every single faucet in this house leaks. His solution isn’t to replace a washer or even to buy and install a new faucet. No. His solution is to shut off the water to that sink. He’ll turn it back on after a few weeks and if it doesn’t drip, he believes it is fixed. We’ve gone through that scenario for the past year. We can’t do it anymore. the drips don’t stop no matter what. I hate to tell him, but it is time to replace the damn faucets! The toilet in our master bath has decided to not stop running. You flush and the water will not shut off. Again, the solution is to shut off the water. When you need to flush, turn the water back on to fill the tank, flush, then shut the water back off. Convenient? Not really. Fixed? In his mind, yep.

So, I decided that if hubby doesn’t have the knowledge to fix these things then I was going to learn to do it myself. I’ve been researching online and have learned what I feel is sufficient. I found that the reason the water keeps running in the toilet is more then likely the fill valve so I bought a replacement. When I got home, I had every intention of installing it. Hubby was home though and he decided that HE would do it (I think it made him feel inferior to have his wife doing something like that). So, he proceeds to go into the bathroom, tear the old innards of the toilet out, shove in the new fill valve without reading the instructions, he turns the water back on, toilet fills and shuts off, so woohoo!!! It’s fixed. Slap the tank cover back on and he’s Mr. Fix-It, all smiles and chest puffed out to here with pride on a job well done……….or so he thought.

Half an hour later, I hear water running so I go into the bathroom to find that, yes, the toilet is running. I took off the tank cover and was shocked to find that when hubby installed the new fill valve he left out the rest of the tank innards. The float is missing, the cap for the overflow is gone, the fill tube isn’t attached to the overflow…OMG! Where is all that stuff? I walked back out to the living room and asked him if he’d installed everything that was in the box and his answer was “No, there were parts left over. I didn’t know where they went and since the water shut off I figured they weren’t needed so I pitched them” What the he**?!?!? Dude, if the parts were in the box then they were probably supposed to be installed. Manufacturers don’t usually put spare parts in their products. I immediately went to the trash to retrieve the missing pieces. Tomorrow I will see if I can fix the thing myself. If not then guess I’ll be looking for a handy man to hire.


Edit:  I was able to salvage the toilet pieces that hubby tossed yesterday and replaced the water fill valve and all necessary parts only to find out that it’s the flapper that needs replaced instead.  Frustrating that a part was replaced unnecessarily but at least now I know exactly why the toilet won’t stop running.  And a flapper is a very easy fix, one that I think hubby could even do (if I would let him…..which I won’t)


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