Leesa’s Life

Ever hear that saying?

Posted on: September 29, 2011

Let sleeping dogs lie…that is one saying that I really wish would sink in around here. Every time things start calming down, things get quiet, someone…ok it’s hubby….dredges up something to make things explode all over again.

Last post told you about the employee who totaled our truck. Well, guess what? The idiot is suing US over the accident. He totalled a $100,000 work truck and he is suing US. Yeah. Anyway, things had quieted down from it. Our attorney was working on a settlement and it looked like things were going to be taken care of calmly and quietly. Enter hubby today…spouting off at the mouth, telling anybody who will listen how this employee is nothing but a money grubber seeing big dollar signs since he knows we’re going out of business, and he has riled employee right up there in where he is now seeking even bigger $$. Hubby couldn’t just sit back and let the lawyer do his job, noooo….he has to go all Rambo and screw it all up. I understand that he is mad. I understand that this employee really has no right to what he was asking for in the first place BUT when you are in business, lawsuits are a part of that. There is always going to be someone who sees what you have and want a piece of that for themselves. That is where our lawyer comes in. He is there to make sure that those piece wanters don’t get too much of a chunk. He was doing his job, the piece that we were going to have to give up was nothing really, but now who knows what kind of check we’re going to have to write out. Just wish Hubby would learn to keep his mouth shut so I didn’t have to sit and worry myself to death over the crap he likes to stir up.


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