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Every time I turn around, just when I think things are looking up, BAM! Something else comes along and smacks me in the face. The past year, year and a half, has been hectic and frustrating. Between business and family issues, it’s pretty much just sucked.

My relationship with my daughter is strained now, at best. She married a guy that nobody in the family can stand, and although I wish her a lifetime of happiness, it’s changed the relationship that we used to have. She no longer calls me just to chat, doesn’t visit, etc. Every so often I’ll catch her on Facebook and say Hi just to be told that she’s really busy at the moment and can’t really talk, but she’ll talk later on. That never happens.

Husband and my relationship has at least gotten better. That’s one bit of sunshine in this otherwise stormy life. Not saying we are 100%, but at least things are better then they were…I’d say we’re close to 80% and moving up every day.

Business…well, that’s a whole different story. I hate being self-employed anymore. I do not like my work, I do not like our customers, I do not like our employees, I just don’t like people, I guess..lol We tried to change over to an incorporation only to find out that the so-called “accountant” that was helping us do so was actually trying to take control of our business behind our backs. He charged us thousands of dollars to accomplish absolutely nothing. We had to go to a different accountant to help us fix things and were charged thousands of dollars yet again. Uncle Sam has decided that since we are now incorporated that our tax rate should triple so that has put a major strain on our pocket book. We are now behind on taxes and I’m sure there will be a tax lien or worse put out eventually although I’ve been trying to make payments….I’m sure that won’t be good enough.

Employees have been real assholes too. We’ve had two quit with no notice…three we found out were stealing from us (they are being prosecuted at the moment), and had to fire one because he never wanted to show up for work. Hubby is exhausted because he’s trying to pick up all of their slack.

Facing THREE lawsuits at the moment too. First is the result of an accident that an ex-driver had almost 3 years ago. The person who he hit decided that he wanted to sue US to pay for damages and his pain and suffering so that’s been ongoing. Yes, our insurance will cover whatever but still. it’s a headache. Second is obviously the theft that our wonderful employees decided to bestow on us. Materials and fuel from vehicles and who knows what else. And the icing on the cake was the paperwork I received yesterday from that ONE employee who we let go because he never showed up to work. Well, he claims that my husband constantly harassed him because he is black and that is why he never came to work, he just couldn’t handle it. Yeah, right. My husband is not like that.

I’ve been having health problems lately and I know they are stress related. I can’t sleep, been breaking out in hives almost every day and have nonstop migraines. My neck and back are always stiff and tight. I’m sure my blood pressure is through the roof. I can’t talk to people without being on the verge of tears half the time. I just want to sleep but can’t. It’s an endless, vicious cycle.

So, yeah, never say “What else can go wrong?” because as soon as those words leave your lips, the “what else” WILL show up.