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Tuesday Feb 1, 2011 @ 3:55pm CT….I’m sitting on the couch, surfing the internet, watching the freezing rain/sleet fall outside.  School was cancelled today and the roads were pretty slick so my son and hubby are home too.  We are thinking that we were pretty lucky to have escaped any power outage last night due to the weather when BAM!!!  Off goes the power.  And it’s not just a little flicker…it’s a boom, pitch black power outage.  We sit for a few minutes, hoping and praying that it will come back on, but after an hour with no flicker of light, hubby and I decide to head to a hotel in town for the night.  No sense freezing our buns off here at home.  Besides, they’ll have the power back on by morning (we hope).

Heading into town, I notice just how crappy this weather is.  We slide around corners, barely hitting 25 mph the entire seven mile trip into town.  Get to the hotel and thankfully they have a couple of rooms.  We had grabbed dinner at the Burger King down the road before we stopped at the hotel so we all settled down to eat and watch some tv.  We’re toasty warm, listening to the wind and sleet outside the window, thinking that we’re glad we came into town, when blink…the power goes off at the hotel.  It’s off maybe 15 minutes then back on.  We figure it’s a fluke and watch some more tv when blink…it goes off again and stays off…for an hour…then back on for a couple of seconds then off again…for another hour.  On again for about 10 minutes then off again.  It does this off and on until 3am when we decide to just head back to the house.  No refund by the stinking hotel either so FYI…anyone who is heading to Marshall IL for whatever reason…Don’t stay at the SUPER 8 hotel.  Anyway, we get home at 3am, hubby goes out to work, son and I go to bed, huddled under a zillion blankets….house is 56 degrees.  Not too bad, but chilly.

Wednesday Feb 2, 2011….Wake up at 9am.  The house is a chilly 52 degrees.  Son and I bundle up under the blankets, hoping and praying that power will be restored but by 1pm we’ve had enough of the bone chilling temps and head up to my parents, who are smart and have a generator.  We stay until hubby comes in from work and then he decides to head to the other hotel in town.  We get a couple of rooms there and thankfully the power stays on all night.  Nice to be warm with running water, tv, and restaurants surrounding us so we can eat dinner in relative comfort.  The first night is always fun.

Thursday Feb 3, 2011….Wake up and call mom to see if the power is back on.  No.  Call hubby and he says to go ahead and check out, head to mom and dad’s and surely the power will be back on by the time he finishes work.  Ok, so out to my parents we go to sit and talk and nap the day away.  About 1pm, we see a couple of utility trucks drive by.  Hooray!!!  We are positive that power will be restored in a couple of hours.  Everyone is optimistic and the mood lightens noticably, but unfortunately, a couple of hours pass then another couple and still nothing so we head back into town for yet another night in the hotel.  So this is our 3rd night in a hotel….again, we have tv, internet, food, water, etc. but the fun has worn off.  I’m feeling lost.  Hotels are only fun when you’re on vacation 😦

Friday Feb 4, 2011….Wake up to a text from hubby saying that he’s found a generator for us to rent.  It will be delivered to the house by 9 and we can go home and at least have heat and electricity…no water, but hey take a shower before leaving the hotel, fill up some containers and take it with us and we’re good.  Dad hooks up the generator and two hours later we are toasty and warm (House had gotten down to 42 degrees!! and took 2 hours to get back up to 68).  Now even though we are home, it’s not so easy peasy there.  That whole no water thing didn’t go as easily as I’d thought.  We used the water we’d taken from town within a few hours (mostly to flush toilets) so we ended up melting snow and ice from the back deck to fill the toilets after that.  The grill was encased in ice so no using it to cook.  Every time I hooked up the microwave, we had to unhook the furnace and it would get cold in here really quick.  Still better then the hotel though


Saturday Feb 5, 2011….The weather forecast called for a dusting of snow last night but we woke up to 3 inches on the ground and more coming down.  By the time it was all finished, there was almost 5 inches of new crap on the ground.  We still have 2 inches of ice on the ground and now 5 inches of snow on top of that.  Generator is still running and the house is nice and warm, but we are all going stir crazy.  Even hubby, who’s been to work every day except Tuesday, says he needs to get out of the house.  I just want to be left alone.  Love my boys, but OMG, I can’t handle being cooped up with them for 4 days.  It’s just too much.  Hubby and son head into town….an hour later OUR POWER COME BACK ON!!!  100 hours after the fact…we are with power and running water again.  YAY!!!  I will never take electricity for granted again.

4 days, 4 hours and 30 minutes later….100 hours total…..I hope I never have to deal with this again.

Bad news though is that they are forecasting another 3-5 inches of snow tonight then flurries Monday and Tuesday and another MAJOR STORM Wednesday!!!!  Argh!!!  That damn groundhog  had better be right and an early spring better be here soon.  Much more of this winter crap and I just might lose what is left of my mind.