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I went thru and deleted a lot of posts earlier and then realized that I deleted some that I really needed to stay.  Too late to bring them back so will just post here what I want to remember.

The most important item is that my Uncle Roy passed away this month.  He fought cancer for almost a year, maybe a little longer, I can’t remember truthfully.  It started out with a tumor in his sinus cavity.  The doctors thought after they removed it and did his radiation that it was gone.  Nope, it came back as a spot on his lung.  The doctor removed part of his lung, he went thru more chemo and radiation, they thought they had him in remission…nope.  It came back full force in his bones and he just couldn’t do it anymore.  He told the doctors no more treatment and now he’s gone 😦  We went to his funeral and it was so surreal.  We’d just been there 10 months earlier for his daughter’s funeral and now here we were again, saying goodbye to him.

I did not cry at Kathy’s funeral, mainly because I didn’t “know” her.  We didn’t live close and we didn’t stay in touch.  I’d played with her growing up, when my uncle and his family would come to visit, but after my grandparents died, Kathy stayed home and only my uncle came to visit.  So, yes, I was sad that she died.  She was only 38 so it wasn’t time for her to go, but I didn’t feel the debt of sorrow that I felt when I saw my uncle lying in his casket.  It didn’t look like my uncle at all.  Cancer is a mean disease and it had ravaged his poor body to the point that he looked more like a 90 year old man instead of the young-at-heart 71 year old that he was.

This made the third member of my family in the past 3-4 years that has passed away.  I’m done now.  We do NOT need to lose anyone else for many, many years.