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My daughter’s high school graduation was Friday night. All day leading up to the big event, I cried. Over every. little. thing. I cried when I woke up and realized it was The Day. I cried at the hairdresser’s while getting my hair done. I cried in the shower that afternoon. I cried getting dressed. I cried on the drive to school. And then…an amazing thing happened. I think I cried myself dry. No more tears flowed that evening. When my daughter walked in, the only emotion I felt was extreme pride. I thought when they played the Senior video (showing the kids throughout the years) that the tears would flow again, but nope. I held firm. And then the big moment came and my daughter walked up the stage, the principal called her name, she received her diploma. No tears, but a big round of applause and a loud “Woooooo Miranda” escaped my mouth (she said she about dropped of embarrassment when she heard me) and then the final event, the tassel moving from right to left to signify that she had graduated and still, no tears. I just about burst with pride, but thankfully no tears. I know nobody would have thought anything of it if I had teared up, but I, for one, didn’t want to leave the gym with a red, runny nose and bloodshot eyes. Besides, we had to take pictures afterwards and I had to look my best, right? 🙂


Where in the world has the time gone? My baby girl graduates high school in two days, but it seems like only yesterday that I was taking her in for her first day of kindergarten. She tells me that the last twelve, well thirteen if you count kindergarten, years have gone extremely slow and I’m sure they have in her mind, but for me they have flown. I keep telling myself that I’ve raised a wonderful, smart, fantastic child, but it just doesn’t seem like I should be done with her yet. Have I really taught her all that she needs to go out into the big, scary world? Does she understand that life is sometimes hard? Is she ready to be an adult? Did I really do a good job? I don’t know. I hope so. I guess I just have to wait and see what the future brings.

My weekend didn’t start out well at all. Saturday afternoon our car got rearended at a stop light. Not fun! Thankfully nobody was hurt and our car wasn’t even damaged much…just some scratches in the bumper. I can’t say the same for the other car. It’s bumper was cracked, grill broken, turn signal busted and lots of scratches and dents around the hood. I guess our car is sturdier then theirs was. Anyway, the lady was ticketed for using her cell phone and not paying attention enough to avoid an accident. The funny thing about the whole incident is that the woman that hit us was a cop’s wife…yeah, a cop’s wife talking on her cell phone…go figure.

RANT!!! BE PREPARED!! I’m NOT a happy person at the moment!!! I have no problem with my hubby going away for the weekend to relax. I have no problem with him going by himself because I already have plans for this weekend that can’t be changed. I have no problem with my hubby staying in a nice hotel. I don’t want bedbugs or anything brought home after all. What I DO have a problem with is the fact that my hubby thinks he has to spend money like he’s a billionaire! I have a problem with him spending $500 a NIGHT on a room that he’s just going to sleep in! I have a problem with his attitude when I asked why he couldn’t have found something a bit cheaper and his response was “What does it matter to you? I make the money around here.” Yeah, not too happy with that last comment. We are self employed and I work just as hard at this business as my pompous ass husband does. At this minute, I would have NO PROBLEM with him marching his smart ass right out the door (ok, I’d have a problem, I’m just so pissed right now I’m not thinking straight)

Yesterday we had some major storms roll through the area. Wind, rain, thunder, lightning. It was fierce. Thankfully we didn’t have any damage here at the house but our local telephone company was struck by lightning so we were without phones the majority of the day. That didn’t bother me at all. I get so tired of answering the phones with our home-based business that not having it ring all day was a very welcome surprise. We also lost our fax line though and that was a bit of a pain. I had several things that needed faxed yesterday that I had to scan and send via email instead. Now that isn’t usually a big deal but when you are scanning several pages (like 20-30) those email attachments tend to get quite large and then take forever to send. I got them though and all is well. Thought today was going to be back to normal, but when I started working this morning I found that the fax line was still down, our internet was not working AND then to top it all off our satellite tv went out. Now, I can live without my phones, fax line and even my internet (for a few hours), but take away my tv and watch out. I was in major electronics withdrawal today! You did not want to get anywhere near me for fear of losing an arm. Thankfully the electronic Gods have smiled on me this afternoon though because everything (knock on wood) is back in working order. I’ve faxed, emailed and watched tv until I was giddy. I am back to my old self. Whew.

Monday and Tuesday evenings, two award nights, one sport, one academic, where my son received honors along with his peers. Monday night was the jr high sport awards. My son lettered in track. First year he was on the team so we were very happy that he was awarded. He immediately came home and tacked his letter (along with pins) on his bulletin board (he doesn’t have a letter jacket). Tuesday night was the jr high academic awards. Again, my son received honors for honor roll, all A’s in science, literature, history and math, plus a special award for helping out in the library. So proud of him and his accomplishments.