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In my previous post, I let you all know that my uncle had a tumor in his sinus cavity that was malignant. Well, found out today that the doctors have now found a spot on his lung. He goes in next week to have it removed and tested then will start radiation the beginning of April. Please keep him in your prayers. He needs them.


No Words

Posted on: March 24, 2009

I got some scary news over the weekend. My uncle has/had a malignant tumor in his sinus cavity. He had gone in for surgery on a deviated septum when the drs. found the tumor. They tested it and it came back positive for cancer. He starts radiation treatments next month. The doctor thinks he caught it in time, but isn’t 100%. My dad is handling it ok (this is his brother I’m talking about), but I know he is scared. He has already lost two other brothers, one to a brain aneurysm, the other to lung cancer, so I KNOW that the thought has crossed his mind that he could possibly lose my uncle too.

OMG! I am so freaked out right now. Last night, my hubby and I were almost involved in a robbery! Yes, you read that right. We were almost robbed!

We had been out for the evening with the kids. We were all starting to get hungry, but didn’t really want to fight the crowds at the eat-in restaurants so we’d all just decided to get subs from Subway and take them home to eat.

When we got to Subway, I mentioned going through the drive-thru, but hubby has this thing about “seeing” them prepare his sandwich (something about making sure they don’t do anything weird to it?) Anyway, he wanted to go inside to order. The kids decided to stay in the car and wait so hubby and I parked and went inside.

I went ahead and ordered my sandwich and the kids. The girl behind the counter made them all and I gathered them up and then it was hubby’s turn to order. About that time, my cell phone told me that I had a text so I read it. It was from my daughter. What I read next scared the living crap out of me. “Mom, man that just went into subway has a gun under his coat!!!! Get out now!!!!”

I hadn’t even noticed anybody else come inside the store, but after reading that I casually looked around and sure enough, there was a guy standing right inside the door with a coat thrown over his arm, talking on a cell phone. He didn’t act threatening, but I let hubby read the text anyway. He thought daughter was just being dramatic and seeing things, but he hurried up and paid anyway.

Just as we got to the front door to leave, the guy walked up to my hubby and asked him if he had an spare change he could spare. Hubby told me to go on and take things out to the car and he started digging in his pocket for some change. I didn’t want to leave, but I did as he asked and hurried out to the car….where I immediately called 911.

Thankfully the police weren’t far and were there in a matter of seconds. they told me to move our car out of the area, but I told them my husband was still inside and I wasn’t going anywhere until I knew he was safe so they said to just move the car to the other side of the lot so I wasn’t in any immediate danger.

I did as told and then waited for things to end. I was shocked when Hubby just walked nonchalantly out the front door. The police hadn’t even gone inside yet.

I honked the horn once so he knew where I’d moved the car to and he walked on over. He got into the car and then proceeded to tell me what had happened after I left.

I guess he had given the guy $4 that he’d had in his pocket, but that wasn’t enough for him and he asked if that was all hubby had. Hubby told him that was it, but the guy didn’t believe him so he started to go over to the girl behind the counter. Hubby knew he was going to rob her so he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, hurried up and shoved all his cash back into his pocket except for $10 then yelled for the guy to come back, that he did actually have a bit of money that he’d forgotten about. The guy hesitated then walked back over to hubby. When he got there, hubby asked him what he needed the money for and the guy told him that he was trying to get to Indy and his car had broke down so he needed money for a cab. Hubby acted like he felt bad that $10 was all he had, gave it to the guy and then just walked out the door.

Here I am, sitting with my mouth wide open, just in shock and he’s as calm as can be. I asked him why he’d left the poor girl inside, but he said that he’d saw the cops pull in and knew they’d be inside any second. Rather then risk his possibly getting hurt, he just stayed calm and went about things like normal.

The police did arrest the guy and the guy did have a gun under his coat. I had such mixed emotions afterwards. I was annoyed with myself for not insisting that hubby go through the drive-thru, ecstatic with my daughter for being so observant and letting me know about the guy and the gun, pissed off at my hubby for putting himself in the middle of danger and thankful as can be that the police were actually close enough to get there so quickly.

I’m still afraid and it’ll probably be a long time before I’m able to go to a store, restaurant or gas station alone after dark, but I’m still here and my family is ok and right now, that is all that matters.

One week of track practice done and things are looking pretty good. Matt has been pretty sore and tired, but he is really enjoying it. No idea what events he’ll be doing yet, but whatever they are I think he’ll do fine.

Had our payroll audit today (work comp) and boy, do I hate those. It doesn’t take long to do. The insurance guy comes out, looks over my payroll records, writes down a few numbers, smiles and leaves, but it’s an intrusion on my day and that frustrates me. Especially when the guy says he’ll be here at “some point in the morning”. yeah, it was like sitting here, waiting on a repairman to arrive. I felt like I couldn’t do anything because I didn’t know exactly when he was going to get here and I didn’t want to be in the middle of something when he did show up. Needless to say, my morning wasn’t very productive at all.

I’ve also been fighting a slight stomach bug. Haven’t felt the best since last weekend, but not so sick that I can warrant staying in bed with the covers pulled over my head although that does sound heavenly. I don’t know what is wrong, but I feel off. Stomach hurts, muscles are sore, but no fever or headache, no vomiting or diarrhea, just feel like crud.

I’ve also had birthdays galore these past couple of weeks. My son’s bday was Feb. 23rd then my mom’s was March 1, my niece’s was today, my nephew’s is Tuesday, my dad’s is the 15th, a friend’s is the 18th, and my cousin’s is the 23rd. And every single one of them has had or will have a party or a get together that I am pretty much obligated to go to.

And that’s my week. I know I’ve not been the best at updating this blog lately and I’m sorry that when I do, it isn’t the most interesting to read. Maybe one of these days I’ll have more interesting things to write about. Later!