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When it rains, It pours

Posted on: November 12, 2008

I hate that saying!  But it sure is true a lot of the time.  It’s pouring here.  This week, although it is only Wed, has been a nightmare.  Started out with hubby getting into it with one of our employees.  The employee has been written up and is now on probation.  Then, hubby got into it with me over something that was of minor importance, but he is stressed so it bugged him big time.  Thankfully that blew over once he’d had a chance to calm down.  Last night, however, was when the sh** hit the fan.  Employee who is/was on probation, wrecked one of our trucks on his way in for the day.  He was talking/texting on his cell phone (something he’d been warned about, verbally and in writing) while driving back, veered off the road and ended up sideswiping an electric pole and taking out a telephone line.  HE is fine.  Our truck though is a different story.  Driver’s side door smashed, window broken, mirror gone, fender crunched and he tore up the rear suspension when he hit the ditch.  The police were called, a tow truck too, and today we are one employee short and hubby is about ready to lose his mind.  I think we’ve both had about as much as we can handle.  So, it needs to stop raining and the sun needs to start shining…..soon!


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OMG – that is a MESS!

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