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This is going to be a busy week.  I’m cooking the Thanksgiving meal for our clan this year so that means preparation, preparation, preparation.  I started cleaning the house over the weekend and I think it is pretty well company ready.  Tomorrow I’ll start part of the cooking.  I usually do the desserts the day before plus anything else that can be made ahead of time, like salads or prepping the veggies.  A couple of my cousins are already in town and have popped in a couple of times since Sunday just to say Hi.  It’s nice to see them since the holidays are pretty much the only time I get to do that.  By the time Thursday gets here, there should be close to 30 people in my home.  Yeah, it’s going to be pretty crowded, but it will be nice.  Anyway, if you don’t hear from me again until after Thanksgiving, this is why.  I’m knee deep in turkey and all the fixings.

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It’s not a lot, but I just looked out my window and it is snowing.  I’m not a big snow fan and really hate to see it happen.  I know it’s November and I live in the Midwest so it’s pretty much inevitable that I’ll see snow at least a few times this winter.  Doesn’t mean that I have to like it though.

I hate that saying!  But it sure is true a lot of the time.  It’s pouring here.  This week, although it is only Wed, has been a nightmare.  Started out with hubby getting into it with one of our employees.  The employee has been written up and is now on probation.  Then, hubby got into it with me over something that was of minor importance, but he is stressed so it bugged him big time.  Thankfully that blew over once he’d had a chance to calm down.  Last night, however, was when the sh** hit the fan.  Employee who is/was on probation, wrecked one of our trucks on his way in for the day.  He was talking/texting on his cell phone (something he’d been warned about, verbally and in writing) while driving back, veered off the road and ended up sideswiping an electric pole and taking out a telephone line.  HE is fine.  Our truck though is a different story.  Driver’s side door smashed, window broken, mirror gone, fender crunched and he tore up the rear suspension when he hit the ditch.  The police were called, a tow truck too, and today we are one employee short and hubby is about ready to lose his mind.  I think we’ve both had about as much as we can handle.  So, it needs to stop raining and the sun needs to start shining…..soon!

I just saw a commercial on ABC Family advertising their 25 Days of Christmas specials.  Seriously?  Already?  Do they not realize that there IS another holiday BEFORE Christmas?  Have they never heard of Thanksgiving?  This is exactly why I get tired of the holiday season.  Anymore, it is shoved at me everywhere I look.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the holidays.  I just wish it wasn’t pushed on me right after Halloween.

My favorite part of today is that the election is over and there are no more campaign commercials to be heard.  Oh, the sweet sound of silence.  I don’t mind elections.  I don’t mind campaigning.  It’s the part when the campaigning turns into mud slinging.  That’s when I totally quit listening.  I can’t stand it when one candidate only says what is bad about the opposition.  They don’t give any solutions to how THEY can fix the economy or whatever, they just send out negative messages about their opponent.  Would it be too much to ask that they stick with the subject and let the people who will possibly be voting for them hear the good things that they themselves can do.  No bad words about the other candidate.  Just what they themselves can do.