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OMG! I’m so psyched this morning! Last night, hubby and I went to Casino Aztar. The Lounge there was having the Original Idols Live concert going on. I knew Barry Williams was going to be there, but had no idea I’d actually see him up close and personal! After hubby and I finished at the casino, we came back through the lounge area. At the same time, Barry was exiting the stage. I didn’t know it at the time though and was just trying to get through the mass of women surrounding it. As I pushed my way through though, I immediately bumped into this guy. As I looked up and saw who it was I almost died of embarrassment. It was Greg Brady himself, Mr. Barry Williams!!!! Talk about a red face! I apologized and he did too, he smiled and said hi and went off to the little backstage area they had set up. I was in shock. Hubby didn’t see it happen, but it did and I’ll remember it forever:)

I am a bit disappointed in myself though for not sticking around and seeing the entire show because LEIF GARRETT, my personal favorite from my younger years, was also there. I’m upset that I missed him, but still psyched about bumping into Barry:) If you don’t know who some of these teen idols are, watch this video clip:

So, did you see any of your favorite singers from yesteryear in the video? I strongly recommend checking out this concert, if you did, so that you can catch them in concert yourself. I know if they come back to my area that I will be sticking around to see the entire show:)


Dang it!

Posted on: April 27, 2007

Here I was, all fired up to have my weight and measurements taken at Curves today only to get there and have a new staff member there who didn’t know how to do it. Dang it! I was ready. I had worked myself up all week to be excited about it, only to have it postponed until I go back next Tuesday. Oh well, that gives me all weekend to lose a few more pounds and work my butt off.

Had lunch with my mom, aunt and cousin today. That is always fun. We get to catch up on each others lives and, of course, gossip:) Today my cousin brought me a new craft project. She was cleaning out her closet, she told me, and ran across it. Knowing that she’d never do it, she passed it along to me. It’s a counted cross-stitch picture of a hummingbird with baby birds in a nest that, once finished, can either be made into a wall hanging or a pillow. I’ll probably do it up as the wall hanging.

Now, anybody who knows me, knows that I love cross stitching. I’ve loved it ever since I was a little girl and my grandma, who will be 99 years young this year, taught me how to embroider. I never quite caught onto all of the embroidery stitches except the cross stitch and it really just stuck with me. I have done several projects that, if I wanted to do so, would easily fill an entire blog with pictures. If I’d taken pictures of everything, that is:)

I think the reason that I love to do this craft project above all others is the simple fact that my grandma taught me how to do it. I love my grandma with all my heart and anytime I am working on a cross-stitch project I just feel closer to her. It is something that I will always have, a memory that I’ll keep with me even after she is gone.

I despise cleaning! I wish I was one of those women who enjoyed it, actually got some sort of pleasure and sense of accomplishment out of it, but I’m not. My daughter is having friends over this weekend to celebrate her birthday and I’ve been on a mad cleaning spree since yesterday, but don’t seem to be getting much done.

My house isn’t a pig sty, but it is lived in. It’s not one of those homes you’d see featured in magazines, but rather a home that when you walk inside you can tell immediately that a family lives in it. There are shoes by the front door (no matter how many times kids have been told to put them in their room), clutter on the kitchen table, backpacks and sports equipment tossed on the couch, and dirty dishes in the sink. Those things I have no problem with. Those chores are easily doable and really don’t take a lot of time to finish up. My least favorite chore, however, is dusting. I will avoid that at all costs, if possible. I think because we have so many little nooks and crannies that it just is too time consuming. We don’t have a lot of knick knacks, but there are several pictures and, of course, the whole entertainment system to deal with. Not fun.

I think for Mother’s Day I’m going to put an “idea” out there and see if i can get some help around the house as a much needed and wanted gift. Or better yet, one of those maid people that I hear all this talk about:)

This Friday will be my first weigh and measure day at Curves. This first month has gone by really quick. I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything although I know you can easily lose inches without showing a loss on the scale. I think that lifting weights is a great way to get in shape. When I was going to Club Fit a few years ago, the first month I lost 19 lbs(!!!) and was down several inches. I can’t remember exactly how many but it was quite substantial. I hope my measurements show some loss Friday. I feel like I am getting a great workout at Curves. Every day I work up a sweat and can really feel my heart pumping afterwards so I know I’m doing something right. Now I just need some good numbers to prove it to myself.

I love auction websites. I like the thrill and excitement of seeing whether or not I can get a fabulous deal on a product. Normally, auction websites have the highest bidder win the item, but now there is a new concept out there.

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To join in on the fun, visit Bid4Prizes.com and register. Once you are a member, you could be the next low bidder and win some fabulous prizes.

this is a sponsored post.

We have salamanders around our house. I do not like them. Whenever the weather turns warm, they slither across our front deck, up the side of the house and across our window screens. They like to hide underneath the porch and will run out when you are least expecting it.

Today, while I was mowing, I had to move a few things out of my way, one being a small statue. Whenever I picked it up, one of those little critters decided to run right out from under it right at me. The shock made me jump and when I landed, it just happened to be right on his tail. Yuck, yuck and double yuck! Did I mention that I do NOT like salamanders?

This makes the second run in that I’ve had with these creatures. The first was right after we moved in and one ran across my barefoot while I was sitting outside! Now this? I think it is time for me to give them their eviction notice. No more living underneath my porch. I do not care if they live farther away, say maybe in the storage shed waaaayyyyy on the other side of the property. I wonder if they’d move? I’m sure if they knew of the possibility of them losing a tail one day that might be a good incentive. does anybody speak salamander so we can get that message to them?