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I have been searching for the perfect oil painting reproduction to hang in my family room. Today I came across the website Paylesshomestyle.com during my search.

Paylesshomestyle.com has beautiful pieces of art for sale along with glass vases, clocks, statues, iron art and pottery. They have been in business online for about a year and want to help you, the customer, decorate in a way that fits your style and budget. Whether it be the “perfect” painting for your family room (like what I was looking for) or affordable artwork for your office, Paylesshomestyle.com is there to help.

I really recommend that you go check out their website. You’ll pay less for the artwork itself and they offer FREE shipping!


Our cat snores sometimes, but not nearly as loud as this little dog in the video. Had to put this clip on my blog. It is just too cute!

In his new book, Hunger and Other Stories by Ian Randall Wilson, you will find several spell binding stories. One story, in particular, that I found interesting was called The Wire Man. This story is about a son who can’t stand his father, a self-made entrepreneur. The son, divorced from his wife and separated from his son, decides to strike out and go into business on his own. He ends up getting deeper and deeper into debt, all the time hearing his father’s taunting words of his failure in the background. He soon realizes that he is starting to act just like his father, causing his own son to look at him through different eyes as well.

Ian Randall Wilson is a very talented writer and has a unique way of colorfully approaching the human dilema. I highly recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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Last night our furnace started messing up. It would try to kick on then shut off, kick on then shut off. It did that a good ten times before finally kicking on enough to heat the house. It did this all night long, every 20 minutes or so. I called the repair guy this morning and thankfully he was able to come out this afternoon. He looked the furnace over and all it needed was a coil or something cleaned. it had carbon buildup on it and wasn’t reading the temperature of the flame or something like that. Anyway, it’s working fine now. Just glad it didn’t decide to mess up when it was super cold outside. Today it is in the 40’s so I’ve not had to worry about bundling up to keep from freezing.

You’ve probably seen the commercials on tv, like the one where the blonde woman is wanting to go into the ocean and play with the “dolphins” (they’re really sharks). She then gets hit in the head with a box from Vonage and the announcer says One smart decision among many many stupid ones.

If you’re wondering what Vonage is all about, there is an excellent website that will answer pretty much any question you might have about them. Just click HERE to visit. The Vonage VoIP forums have categories that discuss the technical aspects of Vonage as well as the pros and cons of using their service. You can visit these forums as well as sign up for their newsletter.

I FINALLY got the anniversay pictures back that I took during my parents open house. Thought you might like to check them out.

Friends of the family

the table runner that was on all the tables

the serving table

more guests

the picture collage of my parents throughout their years of marriage

The happy couple

more guests

more guests

the cardinals we set in with the greenery to give more color to the decor

floating candle centerpiece that was on each table

the anniversary cake

I love to shop online and anytime I do, I try to find the best deal out there. Sometimes that means finding the website that offers the cheapest product, but my favorite way to save money online is by using coupon codes. This way I can shop at my favorite online store, Brylane Home, and save money even if the price is a bit higher then other websites.

CouponChief.com is my favorite place to find coupon codes. And right now, Brylane Home has several deals listed, such as 20% off your favorite item! Just in time for me since I’m redecorating my master bedroom and am in need of several new items. I’m sure I’ll be able to find my “favorite”!