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And it’s only Wednesday. geez, party planning is tiring. I really don’t think I’ll be planning another one for quite awhile. Well, at least not one so elaborate:) I’ll be glad when this party is over although I am looking forward to it.

I will also be glad to go back to the fun phone calls with my sister inlaw instead of the ones we’ve had lately that focus solely on how big of a cake to order to the number of balloons to buy. Those get pretty boring after awhile.


Have you ever wished there was a web site that had tons of information right at your fingertips? Well, there is! It is called Encyclocentral and you will find articles about anything you can think of. I’ve found articles ranging anywhere from Global Warming Awareness to Computer Rental services. I have read a lot of their articles and have found several to be very helpful. Visit their web site today to see for yourself!

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Hubby and I were talking last night and I think we are FINALLY going to be able to get a pool this spring! I’m so excited as are the kids. We’ve been planning on getting one for several years now, but something has always come up and any money we’ve set back for it has had to be used on something else (car repair, home repair, doctor bills, etc), but this year we’ve actually got enough set back to cover anything like that AND a pool! YES! Now to just get to the dealer and pick one out and then get on their installation list so we can have one as soon as the weather warms up! Can you tell I’m excited?

It is so cold here right now that all I can think about is laying on the beach somewhere warm. Florida keeps popping into my head because of its warmth, the beaches, Disneyland and the ocean views. It would be so cool to own some Florida real estate right now so that I could get away from this winter weather.

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Growing up, I always thought it would be super cool to be in a band. I either wanted to be the lead singer (even though I can’t carry a tune at all) or the drummer. It just seemed like it would be so calming to bang away on the drums like that, getting rid of all your frustrations. Well, needless to say, I never did join a band, but I did find this cool test on blog things to come up with a really cool band name. This is what it said:

Your Band Name is:

The Children of Bananas

Kind of different, but no weirder then some of the popular band names out there now.

What is an avatar? Well, they are little cartoons that represent people online. You might use one on your personal webpage, in forums or you might use one on message boards to give people an idea of who you are, what hobbies you like, things like that.

If you like to make avatars, this is the web site for you. Thedollpalace.com shows you the “art” of making avatars or dolls. Visit the Dress Up Games section of their web site to make a personalized doll of your own. It is really easy to use. Just click on the catagories that you would like to use to make your avatar then build your own, personalized one.

They have several different graphics to choose from. You can design either a man or woman, be a blonde, brunette or redhead, be tall or skinny, even pregnant! Dress your avatar in a swim suit for summer fun or in winter gear for a ski trip. Whatever your heart desires. If you can imagine it then you can make it.

Visit their web site and see what they have to offer. You can chat with others on their chat page, read stories and even enter contests with your personalized avatar.

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Saturday went well. Our family pictures turned out fantastic and will be ready by Thursday so that’s plenty of time for us to get them framed and ready for Sunday’s party. We ordered two different poses for my parents of all of us together and also picked one each of each of our familys to give them also. I think they’ll like them all. I know my mom will be ecstatic about them because she has been bringing up wanting MY FAMILY to have a family picture taken for several months now. I can see why though because the last one we had taken was easily over five years ago. So, now she’ll get her wish and maybe she’ll quit bugging me about it every chance she gets.