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Weighed this morning and was hoping to see a loss, but nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zipola. Granted, I’ve only been back to NS since Monday so it’s not been a full week yet, but I really thought I’d at least see a pound gone. I am annoyed. I hope going off over the holidays didn’t royally screw me up to where now I won’t lose at all. Hopefully next week’s weigh in will be better. I’ll keep you posted.


Hi all! I hope everybody had a great Christmas. Mine was good. I am glad that it is over though so I can get back to eating more healthy. I’ll admit that these past few weeks have been pretty sweet (literally) because of all of the treats that have come into my home. I’ve done pretty good about not going overboard, but I have ate what I wanted lately. I restarted NS Monday though and, so far, seem to be moving in the right direction. The first day back on plan was hard though. My stomach was rumbling all evening. But I forced myself not to give into temptation, drank some more water and went to bed. Tuesday was a bit better. Still had the growlies at bedtime, but again ignored them. Hopefully today they won’t come visit me at bedtime. If memory serves me right, the first two days on NS back when I first started were my hardest too and then after that things seemed to fall into place. At least I’m hoping that’s how they were and will be again:)

I dont’ know if I’d mentioned getting a treadmill for Christmas or not. Well, I didn’t get it, but am going to go pick one up this weekend. I had told hubby that I really really wanted one for christmas, but I guess that even though he acted like he’d not gotten my gift yet that he already had when I started talking about the treadmill. Oh well. No biggie. I loved what he did get me (camcorder) and will just buy my own treadmill. I already have a space cleared out for it, have researched different models online and pretty much know what one I want. Now it’s just getting over to the mall to pick it out. I think it will be the best investment I’ll make too. Not just for my health, but also for my family’s since they’ll be able to use it too.

Well, guess that’s it. I’ll be back Friday with my official weigh-in for my first week back on track. Talk to you all then.

I thought I would share with you some history about one of my favorite Christmas songs and give you the list of the “ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Top 25 Holiday Songs.” What are the holidays without a little music!

1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town (one of the oldest songs of the 25 – 1934)
2. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting over an Open Fire)
3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Introduced in motion picture “Meet me in St. Louis” in 1944)
4. Winter Wonderland (One of the two oldest songs of the 25 – 1934)
5. White Christmas (Introduced in the motion picture “Holiday Inn” in 1942; The most recorded song with well over 500 versions in dozens of languages)
6. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
7. I’ll Be Home for Christmas
8. Jingle Bell Rock
9. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Written by Johnny Marks)
10. Little Drummer Boy
11. Sleigh Ride (Originally written as an instrumental piece and first performed in a concert conducted by Arthur Fiedler at Symphony Hall in Boston, MA in 1948)
12. Silver Bells (Introduced in the motion picture (The Lemon Drop Kid in 1950)
13. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
14. Feliz Navidad
15. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
16. Blue Christmas
17. Frosty the Snow Man
18. A Holly Jolly Christmas
19. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
20. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right down Santa Claus Lane)
21. (there’s no place like) Home for the Holidays
22. Santa Baby
23. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
24. Carol of the Bells
25. Wonderful Christmastime (Newest song of the 25 – 1979)

“Silent Night” was written and first performed on Christmas Eve at St. Nikolas Church, in Oberndort, Salzburg, Austria in 1818. According to legend, the church organ was broken and the town was snowbound. Church vicar Joseph Mohr wrote the lyrics on the spot. Choir Director, Franz Gruber, composed the original melody for two voices and choir with guitar accompaniment, just in time for midnight mass.

On this note, I will end by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and the joy of the sound of music this holiday season!

Another maintain for the week. I’m happy about that, but will be happier when I get back to losing. After Sunday, I’m going back at the NS plan and exercise full force. I am ready to see lower numbers on the scale.

Weighed this morning and am at 245 so up 1/2 a pound this week, but hey, that’s fine by me. Maintaining is harder then I thought it would be, but at least I’ve not gained five or ten pounds back these past couple of weeks. A half pound I think I can handle. One more week to go then the Christmas food and treats will be gone and hopefully I’ll get back on track and start losing again.

I told hubby last night that once the holidays are over, I want the whole family to get into some sort of fitness routine. Be it walking after dinner, shooting hoops or doing an exercise tape or something, we all need to get moving more. I hope I can get everyone interested in that.

I’m off to get some work done around here. It sure would be nice to have a day of doing nothing but relaxing for a change. Maybe someday. Talk to you all later.

Whew! I’ve had some mad dash shopping trips these past few days, but I think I’m finally almost finished shopping for Christmas. I thought I was finished last week, but I had five more people thrown onto my list at the last minute so had to buy for them. The house is decorated, the tree is up, most of the presents are wrapped. I’m NOT baking cookies this year so I dont’ have to deal with that or have the temptation laying around. We only have two parties that we are going to this year also. Only one will have tons of junk food. The other is at my parents and they are really healthy eaters. Only a couple of tempting treats and the rest is healthy stuff. Anyway, I will enjoy myself at both of them and not let it get to me. This is the only time of year that I eat these types of treats so I’ll enjoy and worry about taking the extra calories off after the fact.

I’ve actually been doing really good on my eating. I told myself last week that I was just going to shoot to maintain my weight loss over the holidays and it’s actually had the opposite effect on me that I thought it would have. Instead of going out and eating all the tempting treats I come across, I’ve passed them by. Hmm, could this be a bit of reverse psychology at work? I guess I’ll find out how well it’s working when I weigh in. I’m still shooting for a maintain, but hey, a loss wouldn’t be bad either.

What a change a day can make! Yesterday you could see the grass and the roads. Today everywhere you look it is white! I’m not a big fan of snow. Sure, it’s nice to look at, but I don’t like to be in it at all. I don’t like to walk in it or drive in it. Now, my kids on the other hand, are ready to go outside and play. They are dressing in their coveralls, gloves and hats as we speak.

No change in my weight for the week. I think for the time being, at least until the holidays are over, that I’m not going to worry about trying to lose weight. I’m going to shoot for maintaining instead. I’m not giving myself free reign to eat whatever I want, but I have realized that I just can’t pass up the temptation of some of the things being brought into my home right now. I’ve not gone overboard on eating any of it, but I’ve HAD to have at least a piece of the candy or whatever every time I pass it by. Some of you are probably saying now to not even let those things come into the house if they’re that big of a problem for you. Well, not an option. My hubby gets treats from his customers at this time of year and he will not let them go to waste. He feels that if the customer was nice enough to give him a gift then he should be nice enough to use it…even if that means gaining ten pounds over the holidays. So anyway, I’m going to keep following NS, but if a piece of fudge or a candy cane call my name, I’m going to enjoy it. It’s not like I eat like this all year long either. These things are only around during the holiday season. Not an excuse, I know, well, maybe it is an excuse. Ha! I guess I’m just trying to validate my reasons right now to make myself feel better about them.