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I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was good except my grandma wasn’t able to make it over this year. She’d said she would come, but that morning when my mom called her she wasn’t feeling well. I totally understood (she’s 97 years old), but it was still disappointing not to get to see her.

I think I did pretty well on the eating. I had planned on eating what I wanted, but watching the portions and only eating one serving. I did just that. I wasn’t stuffed when I finished the meal like I have been in years past. Just pleasantly full. Today I’m back to eating what I should. I actually did well on figuring out how much to cook to where I didn’t have leftovers to deal with today. Just turkey and that fits into NS anyway.

So anyway, I’m not looking at the scale today even though I didn’t go overboard on my eating. I know if it shows a gain that I will be disappointed and I don’t need that. Plus TOM decided to visit this morning and I always gain water weight when he shows up. I will just do my best this weekend and next week and then will show a great loss next Friday.


I’m trying to get a few things ready for our dinner tomorrow. I’m baking the pies today (pumpkin and peach) and the house is smelling so good. I have my meal all planned and am hoping not to overdo it (too much) If Nutrisystem has taught me anything, it is portion control. Let’s see if I can actually follow that advice tomorrow.

It’s been pretty busy here the past week too:

Business-wise: Our competition raised their prices so we’ve been getting tons of calls for new customers. That alone has kept me hopping. The phone rings almost constantly. I like it though. It shows that our business is growing. We did have a problem with an employee though and had to let him go. It was an ongoing problem which we should have taken care of ages ago, but didn’t. Our fault, but now things should be better. It’s amazing how just one person can bring on so many problems.

Family-wise: My son was sick with a cold the end of last week and over the weekend. He is NOT a good patient. Very whiney and demanding. Hmm, kind of like his dad. It must be a guy thing.

Diet-wise: I’ve not been following NS too well. I do good for breakfast and lunch, but come dinner I just can’t stomach the food. I have been drinking my water though so maybe that will help.

Exercise-wise: What’s that? I’ve not had time to do anything the past two weeks. Maybe I’ll get back on track with that soon, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Exercise is just something that I do not like to do.

So, anyway, I should really get going on the things on my Turkey Day list. The cleaning won’t get done magically. And the baking won’t do itself. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the food, your family and friends, and the football games (if you like them) and just have a great day.

Remember to take some time out for youself this week. It will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

I did it! I did it! Weighed this morning to a two pound loss for the week which put me at a total of 40 lbs. lost. YeeHaw! I can’t believe it! I’m so excited! I still have a lot more to lose, but I’m getting there. On to the next ten!

Hopped on the scale this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see another 1.5 lb. loss for the week. That makes 38 total now. Only two more to go to hit the 40 pound mark. I can’t wait:)

I am officially down 2 clothing sizes, my BMI is down 5.8 points, and 15.5 inches have been lost off my body. Yippy!

FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! I forgot to hop on the scale yesterday so did it this morning and I FINALLY lost 1.5 lbs! I’m so happy that the scale has finally moved past that dreaded 250 mark. I hope this is the way things are going to be again, with the scale going down instead of up or hovering. I’ll tell you that I was really getting disgusted with eating healthy when it wasn’t working.

Yesterday was a good one too. My best friend came home to visit. She lives in Iowa now. She doesn’t get to come home to visit often, but when she does I will drop whatever I’m doing to see her. She brought her three kids with her, all sweeties. She called me yesterday to see if I was free to come visit. I sure was. As a matter of fact, I’d been pacing the floor waiting for her phone call to come. I really needed the break. After all that has been going on this past week, the visit with her felt so good. We just sat around and talked and played with the kids. I absolutely adore her children. B is such a smart little kid and comes up with some really cute sayings. He’s just too cute. M is also a smartie and has so much energy. I’d love to tap into it for myself. His devilish smile will win you over in a heartbeat. And S. The baby of the family. Adorable, chubby little cheeks, the sweetest smile. She fell asleep in my arms and, even though she did get a bit heavy, I wouldn’t have traded that moment for anything. Made me wish my kids were still small. Anyway, we chatted the whole afternoon away. I finally left her house at about 5pm. I didn’t want to, but figured I’d better get home to my own kids.

Today I’m doing the wonderful weekend chores. Blah. They have to be done though otherwise we’d have no clean clothes and the floors would be full of filth. I’d best get to it now. Everyone have a wonderful day!

Got news last night that my best friend is coming home for a visit! I’m so excited to see her again. She’s bringing her kids too, who I just adore, so hoping that we’re able to get together.

Her visit will hopefully be the good ending to a not so good week. This has been one of those weeks where I just want to crawl back under the covers and go to sleep. Work has been the main stress. If I weren’t self-employed, I would have quit a long time ago. Being self-employed has it’s good points, but right now I’m just seeing the bad….long hours, no free time, employees and their problems, etc. Hubby and I haven’t been the nicest to each other lately either. He yells at me for something I didn’t do and I yell at him for yelling at me. It’s so frustrating at times. I can tell it is getting to me too because my neck and shoulders have been giving me problems for over a week now. The knots are telling me that I should really chill out, but how do you do that when you can’t get away from what is causing you the stress in the first place?

Long hot bubble baths have become my salvation. If I can just make it to the end of the day then I know I’ll have the tub waiting for me. Thankfully my kids are no longer small enough to think that they have to peek under the door to see what mom is doing. I can actually close the door and get away from the world for a half hour or so. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make the problems causing the stress to go away. If only they would go down the drain with the bath water. Then I think all would be well.

At least my diet (sorry, lifestyle change) is going well. I only had one day this week that I ate off plan and that was when hubby brought home pizza. that seems to be my downfall. Every other day though I’ve stuck to the plan like glue. Hopefully that will show a loss this week and I’ll finally get below the dreaded 250 mark. I hope so. I’m really looking forward to writing a different number down in my journal. Wish me luck. I’m off to deal with more stress inducing problems. Everyone have a great day! I am going to try to have one too.