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HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! I hope you all have a nice holiday. I took my son out Friday evening to trick-or-treat. He had fun although he missed having his big sis tag along. She said she was too old to go anymore (she’s 14), but I think if she would have been home (she had a party to go to) that she would have ended up dressing up too. We only go to family’s homes so it wouldn’t be like she’d be seeing friends or people she knew from school. She did dress up for school today though. They never let us do that when I was in school, but I guess times have changed. She went as a scarecrow.

We don’t get trick-or-treaters at our house so that helps me stay out of the candy each year. The only person who stops by is my nephew, who is six. He should be by tonight. He doesn’t like chocolate though so I bought him skittles and goldfish crackers. I am anxious to see what he dresses up as this year. Last year he wouldn’t wear the costume that my brother and sis-in-law bought him so my brother wore it instead. He was a pizza slice. It was too funny! I have a feeling my nephew won’t want to dress up this year either (he is autistic and doesn’t like change on some things) so wonder if my brother or sis-in-law will wear the costume again?

Well, I really should get off of here. I want to go out and walk a bit before it starts to rain. Looks like it could let loose any minute now.


Ok, hopped on the scale this morning and I’m back down to 250. Lost the two pounds that I somehow found last week. I’m happy about that. Now let’s see if I can actually get below this infamous weight. I went back over my weigh-in’s for the past month and I’ve not done very well at all. Keep hovering around this point and I really want to get below it. I hit the grocery store this morning so I’m all set on the salad fixings and other important NS foods. Now to just stick with it, bump up the exercise and get the scale moving again. Wish me luck!

**I had a whole post written, but when I went to post it to my blog somehow it disappeared so have to rewrite now. I hate it when that happens.**

Last night was the longest night that I’ve had in ages. I can tell I’m getting older since staying up past 10pm anymore is a problem. Hubby and I had to run by the bank to sign the paperwork for the truck we bought. The appointment was at 5:30, but when we got there the loan officer didn’t have any of the paperwork done so what should have only taken 5 minutes ended up taking 45.

After leaving there, we went out for dinner. I am pleased to say that I did well by ordering a grilled chicken sandwich, no mayo, a side salad with fat free dressing and a diet cola. Although the french fries were really calling my name, I managed to steer clear of them.

Finished eating then were off to a city council meeting. We were on the agenda to see if the city would extend our contract with them (business) from two years to five years. They did. Again, though, what should have only taken 30 minutes ended up taking over 90.

Once we left there, we still had to go pick up the truck we bought. It was located over an hour’s drive away. By now it was 8:30 and I was getting tired. We drove for what seemed like forever, but finally made it there. Of course, the guy we were buying it from was nowhere to be found so hubby had to call him then we had to wait another 20 minutes for him to get there with the keys and truck title.

Once I knew hubby was in the truck and ready to drive, I took off. He had to stop to fuel up, but I drove straight home. Now, I hate driving at night. I used to do it all of the time when I was younger, but anymore I let hubby do the night driving. It’s not that I can’t see. I’m just not as comfortable driving then. Plus, at this point, I’m pretty tired. So, I drove all of the way home with my eyes wide open, making sure no deer jumped out in front of me. Thankfully I didn’t see any. I pulled into our driveway at 11pm on the nose.

I’m hoping this is the last late night that I have for awhile. I really need my beauty sleep. Ha!

I finally figured out the culprit in my weight loss woes. It’s our business and the stress and change of plans that comes from it! The sneaky thing. Yesterday I was doing so well following the NS plan. I’d stuck to the menu like glue for breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon snack, drank all of my water and had even decided what I was going to fix for my dinner. That all went out the window though when hubby came home and said we were going to go look at a truck that he’d found for sale. He promised we’d only be gone 2 hours tops and that fit into my time frame of eating so I figured I’d be fine. WRONG! We didn’t get home until after 9:30pm. On the way home, hubby stopped at Casey’s and picked up a pizza. Smelling that in the car all the way home was my downfall. I ended up dipping into the box well before we reached the driveway. Ate three pieces of the stuff! I was so mad at myself and mad at hubby for picking it up in the first place. Not much I can do about it now, but will definitely be taking more precautions from now on for events like that. Even if I think I’ll be home in plenty of time to eat my regular meal, I will be taking some NS friendly food along with me on the trip so those pizza smells or whatever other fast food comes along don’t trick me into eating them. So, now that I’ve found the culprit, let’s hope that I can steer clear of it. I’m going to do my darndest anyway to at least be better prepared. OH, and we did end up buying the truck. So at least we won’t be going on any more long distance drives for awhile:)

After having a really rough weekend, I’m feeling a bit better today. Stomach is still making strange noises every so often, but I can handle that (I think). I weighed this morning and was so po’ed at the scale that I thought I was going to chuck it through the window! It showed a 2 lb. GAIN!!!! What the heck?!?! I’ve been sick, haven’t ate hardly anything for the last three days and I gained? How could that have happened? I am now back up to 252:( and beginning to wonder what I have to do now to get this weight loss started again. I’ve hovered around the 250 mark now for over a month. I’ll go to 252, 250, 251, 250, but never below. Why? I’ve tried adding more exercise to my day. Hasn’t worked. Drinking more water. Hasn’t worked. Swapped lunch and dinner. No luck either. I even started remeasuring my serving sizes, thinking that maybe I was eating more then I should be, but again no luck. Help!!!

I went back to some older files of mine and printed out the Body Boost plan from the NS bulletin boards (supposed to be a jump start for weight loss). I’ll do that next, I guess. I don’t have all of the NS foods to start right now though so will have to wait until my next order comes. That is supposed to be next week so not too long of a wait. In the meantime, I’ll just keep trying, I guess.

Things have also been stressful around here business-wise so I figure that might have something to do with the weight not coming off too. I’m hoping things really calm down soon. Otherwise, I have a feeling I’ll be stuck at this weight forever.

Anyway, that’s how things are going here. I’ll check in with you all later. Take care!

Not felt the greatest for the past few days. I think I might have a stomach bug:( I didn’t even weigh in Friday so will try to do that when I’m feeling better. Just wanted to post to let everyone know that I’m still here, just kind of under the weather at the moment.

Wow, was yesterday one busy day! Between getting the billing ready to go out to our customers and trying to get laundry done, I think I was moving 100 mph. You’d think with all that movement that I would have had a loss for the week too, but nope. The scale is still stuck at 250. I am wondering if this is my first official plateau. Seems like I have been hovering around that mark for the past three weeks, but just can’t drop below it. I’m hoping for a big whoosh of a loss soon to break it, but I guess until that happens I’ll just keep plodding along.